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The last hamster opened a restaurant at 80

The last hamster opened a restaurant at 80

The last hamster opened a restaurant at 80

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    The last hamster opened a restaurant at 80
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    Strawberry Cheese Pudding
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    52weixin Books
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2022-08-05 14:47:01
[free] Lin Xiaobai is a little hamster spirit in the late end of the world. When he was looking for supplies to store, he was bitten by a zombie. When he woke up again, he actually became the sister-in-law of jingzuo in Shiwen as a fine sister-in-law, she offended all three sisters-in-law because she was the only daughter in the family. She also jumped into the river for the sake of the male master, making the family restless as a hamster spirit, Lin Xiaobai has no idea about the male owner. He just wants to hoard goods and eat delicious food the state-owned restaurant just lacks a dish washer. She worked as a cook for several days and asked her to be an apprentice. Every day, in addition to hoarding goods, she studied how to cook better the three sisters in law found that their younger sister-in-law was different. They gathered together and whispered. I'm afraid she's not holding back a big move Lin Xiaobai directly took home the food, meat and eggs he had hoarded and gave them to his sister-in-law equally the sisters in law are so happy with food, meat and eggs. They boast that their little sister-in-law is promising Qin Weining, the youngest professor in the city, came to the state-owned hotel for dinner and fell in love with the cook Lin Xiaobai it is said that Lin Xiaobai is not worthy of Professor Qin, and this marriage will certainly not succeed the next day, the Qin family brought gifts to propose marriage.

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