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A lovely girl s leisurely life

A lovely girl s leisurely life

A lovely girl s leisurely life

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    A lovely girl s leisurely life
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    Orange Chengcheng
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2022-04-29 02:08:13
Unfaithful, unfilial, shameless, black handed and vicious -- Gu Xi, the evil daughter of Hou family, was born again with a curse on her back after three years of rebirth, Gu Xitang became a small gateway to Huaicheng in the south of the Yangtze River they are spoiled by their parents, loved by their brothers and sisters, and a pair of grandparents protect their weaknesses every day I drive out chickens and tease dogs. When I'm bored, I'm angry with my uncle and aunt and walk my little brother GU Xitang found this kind of small day very interesting and planned to put down the butcher's knife and be a good man however, the enemies of previous lives had to jump in front of her and rush to death one by one step on her bottom line and touch her against the scale GU Xitang pulled out the gold thread from his sleeve and smiled coldly, "let your life go, but want to break through my hell door, and my aunt will help you!" Qing Jun man walked out from behind and gently pressed her hand, "tang'er, cut her hand with the gold thread and put it down." GU Xitang cut the accusation pattern for seconds, "they bully me first!" the man smiled and opened his thin lips, "Your husband will clean up these things that hinder your eyes." later, the world learned that the virtuous king who doesn't stain the dust, pulling off his white clothes, is the king of hell. and the king of hell is only for Gu Xitang.

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