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Taoyuan he boundless

Taoyuan he boundless

Taoyuan he boundless

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    Taoyuan he boundless
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    Gu Ye has Jianjia
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Every journey of life is wonderful and full of regrets, just like the feather clothes, Silver Arrows, spirit word jade pendant, jade bells sent by her brother, and those idle old things that she turned out when she cleaned up the house at the end of the year we are all the same. At the beginning, we were reluctant to part with each other. We thought our love was as deep as the sea. Later, the ends of the world scattered, and we didn't even leave the opportunity to go away. What a pity that some people disappeared for life later, he asked: "what is the alliance between you and his previous life?" she said: "just hold the keepsake of the previous life and see you again in this life. The fate of the previous life broke too suddenly, so leave an opportunity to let the fate fade slowly in this life. It's not bad that thousands of people met you and had a good time." he was a little jealous she asked, "why didn't you ask?" he replied, "you're too sad to bear it."