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I was on duty in the Song Dynasty

I was on duty in the Song Dynasty

I was on duty in the Song Dynasty

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    I was on duty in the Song Dynasty
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    Huang mengran
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    Cook Books
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2022-05-17 22:28:28
The story tells the story of explorer Li Ming crossing the Song Dynasty as a constable and meeting his beloved in 2019. The post-80s Li Ming has been a teacher of Shaolin temple since he was a child. He is proficient in all kinds of martial arts. When he grew up, he became an explorer. Once, Li Ming was fishing by the river and was swept away by a sudden light! Later, he found that he had accidentally returned to the Northern Song Dynasty. Later, he met Zhang Jingjing, the daughter of Zhang Fugui, a government official, on the street and solved strange cases for the government official. The government official appreciated Li Ming's talent and asked him to be a constable in the government official. With the passage of time, Li Ming fell in love with Zhang Jingjing, the daughter of the government official. Once Li Ming went to the lake and found that Guangmang appeared again, and finally brought Li Ming back to modern times.

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