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I woke up after the wild start

I woke up after the wild start

I woke up after the wild start

Rating: 9 / 10 from 41329 ratings
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    I woke up after the wild start
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    Yan QingHan
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    Woske Novel
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2022-04-19 19:29:58
If she failed to frame her beloved brother's girlfriend, she was abused the result is a blessing in disguise with the awakening of the past life memory, once green tea becomes sand sculpture she was a transgressor in her previous life at the beginning, it crossed the wilderness, and the full level was awarded the title when the man level of this world awakens, he suddenly finds that his sweetheart is not fragrant and swollen. What should he do in an unexpected reshuffle, she was no longer a dog licker, but the "sweetheart" hugged her thigh and refused to let her go. He also tearfully said that he could continue to be a dog licker instead of her! Be her dog She: π_ π have something to say. Your pants are loose! [tug at your belt] 'sweetheart': (﹏) don't let go people: eating melons. but this sweetheart is not that sweetheart, and the real love is looking at himself with a 40 meter long machete... My God! It feels like it's over (﹏)!

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