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After rebirth, I became the eldest sister

After rebirth, I became the eldest sister

After rebirth, I became the eldest sister

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    After rebirth, I became the eldest sister
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2022-05-15 12:35:15
Zhao Xi is the chief model, creative stylist and fashion designer of a famous domestic model company. A car accident brought her back to 2000 and turned her into another Zhao Xi, a 22-year-old fat woman with a height of 1.6 meters and a weight of 140 kilograms. What's more terrible is that she also has three fat and ugly siblings my sister has low self-esteem and introverted. She wants to drop out of school. Her two younger brothers beat someone and were called parents by the teacher since I have become your eldest sister, I will be responsible to you. Listen to me, I'll fly with you three years later... congratulations to Zhao Xi, the "better image creative center", who won the national creative fashion award ex boyfriend: Zhao Xi, I regret it. I still love you Zhao Xi: who are you? I don't know you sister: sister, I'm going to enter the film academy and be a model brother: sister, I was escorted to Huada second brother: sister, I want to work with you to make the image creative center bigger and stronger ZHONG Mu: second brother, you'd better go to school with me!