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About chasing a male god

About chasing a male god

About chasing a male god

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    About chasing a male god
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    Sister Cong
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    Bestair novel
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2022-01-14 18:17:21
Many years later, when Li Yu was about to leave, she found that Lu Xuan had always been her favorite. She remembered that Lu Xuan's parents quarreled when she was a child. As soon as Li Yu went out, she saw Lu Xuan sitting at the door holding back or tears dripping down, and whether his parents left him after divorce or Lu Xuan's grandmother took him back to raise him, Why do you find that Lu Xuan is so poor now? Obviously, he has to tolerate her and treat her so well because of his misfortune. Li Yu thinks of Lu Xuan's drunkenness and tells her that I want to protect you all my life. Why did you only notice why Wu Kun, a big bastard, believed his words. And feel that Lu Xuan's kindness to himself is taken for granted. Why should he leave before he knows who he likes after Lu Xuan arrived at the scene, he only saw that the spacious road was full of blood. Wu Kun was really hanging out with that noble lady at home. He regretted that he didn't do what he said to protect him, and then Wu Kun s was under his knife. Why did his Yuyu leave him so ruthlessly

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