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She is as sweet as candy

She is as sweet as candy

She is as sweet as candy

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    She is as sweet as candy
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    Star River into the abyss
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-14 23:39:41
A smart and clever girl came to the school. Everyone in the class asked her not to provoke Lu Sui. Lu Sui liked the new transfer student, so she always bullied her to attract her attention Lu Sui: "little deskmate, what's your name" "Tang Shiying" Lu Sui trembled when he saw Tang Shiying, Then Lu Sui smiled in a low voice and said, "are you afraid of me Tang Shiying lowers her head: Um Lu Sui thinks she is cute and clever like a little rabbit on the day of graduation Lu Sui rubs against Tang Shiying's ear and whispers "little deskmate, happy graduation" "little deskmate, our first year is coming" Tang Shiying smiles and says, "we have more than one year."